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The Draftboard

Our draft kit contains a non-reusable, 4 foot (48 inches) by 6 foot (72 inches) sheet of gridded paper to conduct your draft. This sheet holds up to 16 teams and can be used for up to 30 rounds. Here is a snapshot of the draftboard.

Draft Kit Labels

Our draft kit contains non-reusable, 1"x4" player labels that are color coded by position and sorted alphabetically so that players can be located quickly and efficiently. Our draft kit contains more player labels than any other draft kit. We provide 532 player labels, including rookies, at the seven positions used by most leagues. Other draft kits only provide one set of NFL team labels and charge you extra if your league uses Special Teams, Offensive Lines, Team Quarterbacks or Head Coaches. We provide a second set of NFL Team labels as part of our draft kit. Here is a breakdown of the labels that are included:

Position Pre-Printed
Quarterback 70 10
Running Back 130 10
Wide Receiver 170 10
Tight End 70 10
Kicker 50 10
Team Defense 32 8
NFL Team Names 1 32 8
Total Labels 554 66

As you can see, we provide blank labels at each position for players that come out of nowhere, or for that owner that refuses to believe that Tim Brown is truly retired. Labels are available in both regular and auction styles.

Defensive Player Labels

For those leagues that choose to use them, we also offer labels for defensive players separate from our standard kit. Defensive players are broken down into three categories: linebackers, defensive backs and defensive linemen. This set contains 330 total labels broken down as follows:

Position Pre-Printed
Linebacker 110 10
Defensive Back 110 10
Defensive Line 110 10
Total Labels 330 30

The three colors used for defensive players are different from the colors used in the standard draft kit. Defensive player labels are available in both regular and auction styles.

NFL Team Labels

Additional NFL team labels are available for those leagues that require more than the two sets that are provided with the draft kit. The labels contain only the team name and can be used for Head Coach, Special Teams, Offensive Lines, Team Quarterbacks, etc.

Below are examples of the regular label and auction style labels. Please note that these labels may not show up on your computer monitor as actual size. Please use them only as a guide. All labels are 1" x 4".

Regular Label

Auction Label (not actual size)

Each auction label contains a box in which to write the winning bid and a second box to keep a running total. Auction drafting couldn't be any easier.

Label Colors

* Quarterbacks = pastel yellow
* Running Backs = pastel blue
* Wide Receivers = white
* Tight Ends = pastel green
* Kickers = pastel pink
* NFL Team 1 = flourescent orange (can be used for defenses, special teams, team QB, head coach, offensive lines, etc)
* NFL Team 2 = flourescent red
Defensive Lineman (IDP) = flourescent green
Defensive Backs (IDP) = flourescent yellow
Linebackers (IDP) = flourescent pink
NFL Team 3 = flourescent yellow (with blue ink)

* included in standard kit.