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Q1. How many labels are included with the standard draft kit? Is there enough labels for my league?

We offer 554 total printed labels with our standard draft kit, which is more than any other draft kit around. As a reference, in order for 16 teams to draft 30 rounds, you would need 480 labels. Our standard kit provides labels for the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, K and two sets of team labels. The kit includes all rookies (at the positions listed) that were drafted in the first 3 rounds of this year's NFL draft. Also, there are 10 blank labels at each position so you can still draft your super sleeper pick that nobody has heard of.

Q2. Are the draft kits reuseable?

No, they are not meant to be reusable. Our draft labels use permanent self-adhesive and are not meant to be removed or reused. It is probably possible to remove the labels and reuse them if you are careful, but it is not recommended.

Q3. Does the draft board stand up on its own?

No, the draft board is printed on 60 lb. paper, which is commonly used for artist sketch pads. For comparison, photocopier paper is 20 lb. and resume paper is 24 lb. It is not printed on card stock or poster board, but is heavy enough to so you don't have to worry about it ripping easily.

Q4. My league has less than 16 teams or less than 30 rounds, can I still use this product?

Absolutely. We designed our boards so that it could handle the majority of leagues. All you need to do is trim the board to remove the excess rounds or teams. It can be done with a normal pair of kitchen scissors.

Q5. My league uses defensive players, how do I do this?

For those leagues that are rabid enough to draft defensive players, we offer IDP labels for $5. This set includes 330 total printed labels and are color coded by position. Each set includes 110 printed labels for linebackers, defensive backs and defensive linemen.

Q6. My league drafts head coaches, special teams, offensive lines or team quarterbacks as well as team defense, how do I handle this?

Our standard draft kit includes 2 sets of NFL team labels (in different colors), so you can draft team quarterbacks, team defenses, offensive lines or special teams along with team defenses. The other companies only provide you with one. These 2 sets of labels are in different colors and contain just the team name, so you would use the Detroit Lions label if someone drafted Steve Mariucci. If your league requires more team labels, we offer additional sets at a cost of $1 apiece.

Q7. What if my league holds an auction style draft?

If your league holds an auction style draft, our standard draft kit can be ordered with auction style labels at no additional cost. Each label contains 2 boxes. One for the bid amount, and the other to keep track of the owner's remaining money.

Q8. How can you offer a larger board and more labels than your competition and still be cheaper?

We are able to do this by buying in bulk, not by cutting corners and offering a smaller draft board or less labels. By buying in bulk we are able to pass the savings along to you. Our draft board is over $4.50 cheaper than our nearest competitor and they don't provide as much.

Q9. Do you offer different size draft boards?

No. At this time we do not offer draft boards in multiple sizes.

Q10. Do you offer custom printed boards or offer more than 16 teams?

No. We designed our board to handle most size leagues.

Q11. How will the kits be shipped?

All kits will be shipped by UPS Ground. Allow 5-7 business days from order.